Prayer Testimonies


PRAISE the Lord and let all GLORY go to Him and His kingdom!! I submitted a prayer request yesterday for my dear friend Catherine that the results of her medical tests would not show any devastating news as was thought, and sure enough our GOD answered. Her test results showed only a minor problem that could be remedied quickly!!! THANK YOU, Lord Jesus, for this amazing news and Gateway Prayer team for your PRAYER intercession!

I requested prayer about a month ago. I am battling stage 4 colon cancer. Stage 4 means it has spread. I had mets in my abdomen, liver, and bones. I had a PET scan Wednesday, and the doctor's office called and said the cancer has responded to the treatment "completely." The mets to my abdomen, liver, and bones are gone. Only after 3 rounds (6 treatments)!! ALL THE GLORY GOES TO GOD!! PRAISE GOD WITH ME! Thank you for praying for me and my family. I am a walking and talking miracle!

I asked prayer for my friend who was in liver failure and needing a liver transplant. Three days after submitting prayer, a viable liver became available. She has been released from the hospital and is in a hotel close to the hospital as she is not to be more than 100 miles from the hospital for a month.

A second series of tests on my eyes in March confirmed that there is no sign of glaucoma in either eye! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus, for Your kindness and mercy, and thank you all who prayed for me.

I have great news! I saw the head of the Heart Transplant Unit yesterday. The explanation required a lot of medical verbiage, but the answer is basically I HAVE been touched by God! I do not need a transplant and my heart function has improved considerably! He said I am doing good. He did add another RX to strengthen the walls of my heart, but God has spoken ... He wants me to live. Thank you for covering me in prayer.

John & Jeanne
I am happy to report that John is now out of the hospital and was able to attend church this past Sunday. He was doing so well on Tuesday afternoon that the doctors decided surgery was not necessary. Praise the Lord! We consider that a miracle, because the reason he was moved to another hospital was because they are set up to do heart pumps and pacemakers. There was even talk of the possibility of a heart transplant. However, we know that God is restoring his heart to health. Thanks again to everyone who prayed. We know that prayer is what made the difference.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I have great news! Jim is no longer on life support and is breathing on his own. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you at Gateway.

I requested prayer three weeks ago for my mother, who had suffered three cardiac arrests, was in a coma and was not expected to survive. Brain damage was probable if she survived. Well, my mother woke up with no brain damage and has completely recovered. Doctors said they've never seen anybody recover from this situation so quickly and without any permanent problems. Praise God!

I requested prayer two weeks ago for finances or work because I was thinking about leaving my current career to go into another field, but I wasn't sure. God sent me the message I needed! The day that I received an email from Gateway that the prayer team was praying for me, I received a call from a lady needing my services. The transaction we are now working on will pay me more in the next month than I made all of last year. Thank you so much for your prayers; God is great!

I requested prayer for my family in Haiti; they were asked to leave the rented house that my father's employer rented for them ever since my dad started working for them 30 years ago. My family did not have the money to purchase or rent a new house, and they were supposed to leave by March 1. I didn't see how I was going to help them. I told God I didn't see away, but you guys were helping me in prayer. Well, earlier this month, my sister called me to let me know that they gave them an extension until August of this year. This is an amazing news, what a relief; thank you for all your prayers. We know the same God who started it is going to finish it. Prayer works! Thank you so much to you and the intercession team for your prayer support.

Last week, I asked for prayer for my cousin's baby, Mark, who was born premature and could not breathe on his own. This week, he was taken off the machine and began breathing without help. He will stay in the hospital a while longer but he is improving quickly. The doctors say that it is a miracle for a baby in his condition to be recovering this fast.

I want to thank each one of you for prayers for my healing. I have felt those requests that were lifted up to the Throne Room. God is continuing my healing, and I stand on His Word for complete healing of my entire body.

I was laid off from my job last May and did not know what to do. I asked God for help, and I also sent a prayer request online to Gateway Church. I was really struggling with what was going on, but I trusted in God and told Him that I was leaving everything up to Him. Within two weeks, I had a job opportunity that I accepted and started on June 24. I thought that I had a great job before, but I am in a much better place now. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Just wanted to give a praise to the Lord. After waiting almost two months between surgeries and complications after the second surgery, the Lord is accelerating my healing and I'm progressing twice as fast as the doctors suggested. Thank you for your prayers in getting through this.

My daughter, Sonja, is afflicted with Lupus. It ate a whole in her leg about six inches in diameter. She was in severe pain 24 hours a day and admitted to intensive care six times in the last seven months. After your prayers, the hole started to heal. The surgeons decided against a skin graft. She still has lupus; however, her leg should be totally healed by August. We are so very thankful for your prayers and so grateful that we can serve such an awesome God.

There's a reason believers pray for one another. God has answered our prayers, and I want to thank each one of you for praying for Kimberly. Before the surgery, the doctor came in and told us what he would be doing. He told us that he would take out the gallbladder and reroute the bile duct with the small intestines. When they opened her up, they discovered that there was nothing wrong with her bile duct. There was a gallstone at the entrance of the bile duct that was causing inflammation. So they removed the gallstone and removed her gallbladder. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord, for rerouting the course of this surgery!!!! 

Thank you for all your prayers for my sister, Pat. Three new nodules of lung cancer were found in September, and she was given three months to live. She is not only still alive, but today’s diagnosis is that she is cancer free! I was worried about her spiritually also, but now she believes! Even other family members now believe!

The healing over Michael was considered a miracle by the doctors. He fell off a tire swing and had severe blood in the brain. He has now been quickly released from the hospital and is on bed rest for 30 days. Thank you, Gateway!

Praise God! I prayed for my cousin, Cathy, to recover from a period of sickness due to leukemia, and He answered in spades! The doctors said she only had two days to live. She has surpassed that by almost a week now and each day her health has improved. God has given her a stubborn will and the intercession teams have facilitated the miracle by praying to God for help. He has answered. Thank you.

Asked for prayer about getting a job and also about learning a job since I had not been in the work force for many years. I got a part-time job and have learned so much. I'm now going full-time as the regular person is quitting—what timing! God's handiwork is all over this. He closed many doors and opened the ones for me to go through. Praise God! Thank you for your continued prayers.

I asked for prayers last week for lower back pain. On Friday morning, the pain when I would get up and down from a chair and the terrible stiffness left! I truly believe the healing process has begun. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers! Today my 8-year-old daughter, Zion, went in for testing at the request of her specialists (Neuro-Ophthalmologist and Pediatric Ophthalmologist) at U. T. Southwestern in Dallas. After four years of medications, testings and surgery, her doctor stated signs of swelling in her brain and eyes are gone!!!! Praise God for His enduring love and grace. Today we were told she no longer has to take medication! God works miracles! Thank you Jesus!!! I hope this will be an encouragement for you all as well!!! Thank you all again for standing with my family!

Praise the Lord! I am contending for the complete manifestation of healing from scoliosis. God has been doing a progressive miracle in my body since October of last year. While singing “Faithful God” in the second service today, I was in more physical pain than I’ve been in for months. I was to the point of tears but declaring that God still heals, when my friend (to whom I’d not said anything to) put her hand on my back, right where the worst pain was. I just continued to worship and declare that my spirit, which is made whole in Christ, would rule over my physical body and make my body whole as well. In a few moments, the pain was gone!!!! Then, she prayed for the other spot in my back (again, I didn’t tell her where it hurt). She lifted her hand, my back popped in that spot, and the pain went away! God is sooo good!! THEN the video message had Pastor Robert share about how the person with an anointing for healing backs could be sitting right next to you. He was prophesying through the video and probably didn’t even know it!  :-) My back is not completely healed yet, but it is further than it was! The Lord is good, and I know that He will see His plan for healing my back through to completion!

Today I submitted a prayer request, one of many, for my teenage son. Last night he texted me and said he was afraid because he had done too many drugs. He apparently was helped by a student at his college who had recently had a similar experience and has found Jesus. He says he is going to start going to church with this boy and change his ways. Praise the Lord for His goodness and for His grace.