Field Manual for Your Home | Part 1/3


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Field Manual for Your Home | Part 1/3 | Class | 1 | Gateway Equip | Todd McIntyre | 01/21/2015

Men can be described with various titles: husband, father, and spiritual leader of the home. These terms are loaded with significance, but what do they mean? Join us as we explore what the Bible has to say about viewing each of these terms from a godly perspective. In class, we’ll provide practical tools to live this out in your home life.

Given during the Equip Winter/Spring Session in 2015, this teaching will help you to seek God first.

Gateway Equip

Every Gateway Equip class is designed to help you hear from God. As you hear from God, He’ll help you grow in your spiritual life and become “unstuck” in your spiritual progress. Setting aside a few nights to attend a Gateway Equip class will offer you more than inspiring worship or well-grounded, biblically based teaching—you’re going to encounter the voice of God and experience lasting change.

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