Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them
Building Happiness in Marriage When Opposites Attract
by Tom and Jan Lane

A healthy marriage reflects the uniqueness of both people. Each person should be able to express their gifts to benefit the relationship without one person overtaking or repressing the other. In their new book, Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them, Tom and Jan Lane tackle marriage relationship dynamics where the woman is naturally outgoing and highly expressive and the man is easygoing. From their experience of 40 years of marriage, Tom and Jan share stories from their relationship—where Jan is more take-charge and Tom is more laid back.

This book is for married couples in every stage of their journeys—from newlyweds to those celebrating 50 years of marriage. It provides a realistic picture of a marriage while exploring compromise and the art of understanding in an effort to produce a mutual and loving partnership. Tom and Jan will help you extend forgiveness, master God’s way of communicating, and rebuild trust.

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