Tools: Group Leaders


Tools for Gateway Group Leaders

2017 Campus-Specific Childcare Reimbursement Forms


Rosters & Reporting
This download gives Gateway Group leaders step-by-step instructions on how to set up an online roster and how to report attendance online.
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Group Leader Role Description
The Gateway Group Leader Role Description consists of three categories: Core Values, Expectations, and Responsibilities.
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Successful Gateway Group Leader Checklist
When leading a new Gateway Group, get off to a great start by checking off these items as you plan and strategize.
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Core Values of a Gateway Group
It’s a good idea for every group to put words to their shared values, expectations, and commitments.
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Life Cycle of a Gateway Group
Creating a relational culture in your small group means taking people through the meet, connect, and belong stages.
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Leading a Successful Gateway Group
How can we as Gateway Group Leaders measure our effectiveness in leading a community atmosphere?
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How to Make a Hospital Visit
We realize that not everyone has had the opportunity to make a hospital visit before, so here are some best practices to read over before making your first hospital visit.
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Baptism in the Holy Spirit
How do I receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
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